This happened recently, and unlike many on this side is not done. as the “house nudist most of my time spent in the house naked (if my wife is at work), taking the sun once in a while I undress in the garden, when I know the neighbors. If can use the garden in very good weather, I go to a local park, I know, very quiet and go naked to get there. Because it is a good trip to this park, you just get usually local and families on vacation. tiava recent months, when the weather was very warm and I had taken time off work, I thought I had to take the sun, take the bag with a drink, a book and a blanket, was I I went to my usual place – which is at sea, and to get there, you have to remove some long grass and some bushes, so it is normal walking routes that usually there and wait about 20 minutes. -30 minutes to see who it is before taking off. anyway, I had been there about 10 minutes when I heard the rustle of grass, and someonetrying to get through the bushes. A few seconds, a black youth with a summer dress in front of me. She saw in the 20 years, thin, small breasts, long brown hair cheerful and well. She tiava looked at me rather disappointed look and said, ” Oh, sorry, I do not think anyone here his” I smiled and said : “I do not think anyone knew about this place” He turned and walked away. I have a little more and then subtracted. About 3 hours later, was still there – and I felt very naked in the sun, when I heard movement in the bushes relaxed. I quickly put on my pants as he did return to the same girl. Again he looked disappointed, but said: “I just caught you doing something they should not ?” All he said was, ” No”. A then said: ” I ​​thought it would be gone. ” He stood there chatting for a few minutes and then left. tiava I was an hour left, seeing no one on the way back to the car. It back to my car and I realized that I drop my wallet, and then went to the way I’m waiting to be found. When I use the bushes to hide ” my place “, I heard movement on the other hand, I listened and waited about 10 minutes and then wanted to know who did, quietly slipped through the bushes. I waited about 10 minutes before slipping out of the bushes – it was always there, relaxes when she heard me. When I left I saw the same girl was lying on the grass with nothing but a pair of sunglasses. Suddenly I saw her dress quickly and then said, “You ‘re back,” I apologized and told me I left my wallet they had seen, and leaned out of his pocket: “I re- tiava it later – your address on your driver’s license ” I thanked him and went to leave, when suddenly she said:” you came here for the same reason – to sunbathe naked, ” I said yes and she then asked if I would stop talking and for a while, so I sat and we are about nudism and every other job, age, etc. Charles said her name was Michelle, and she was only 23 – that keep her dress, but little by little, to please his defense, as the dress. She sat naked while sitting there in my shorts and shirt. I said, ‘ when you leave this spirit? . “She just smiled and shook his head I went and sat down beside me, the conversation was always easier, and we began to joke with other Flirt -. lying on the left side with head on his feet as he spoke, bowed legs, leg bye -. gave me a good view of her trimmed pussy My cock stirred slightly, as the occult, smiled, tried – had noticed the conversation was always much easier – and flirting and always at hand, asked if he was married or living together – married told me, and asked them “? does your wife know you come here, ” I said ‘no, I did not say about this place ” then said “yes, have you ever caughted here? ” I was a little surprised and said no ” Have you ever masturbated here, “he said -”.. ” I said as my cock was starting to wake up as a sign ” Yes, I said – she said – so slowly began to play with my cock already hardening, the tip was already wet, I said – ” what I masturbate for ‘n ‘ Go, then ? “:” I did not mean you! ” I looked and I saw his fingers gently tracing the line of his lips I switched my attention from my dick and he told me. “Lay back” as I put my fingers in the pussy, then gently rub the lips – with fingers up and down its length, she sighed tiava and put it back My fingers slowly rubbed his lips for a minute or two, then gently apply more pressure as slowly opened her lips and tips of my fingers. with the tiava moist heat of her pussy met, I slowly pushed further and waited to see if there is any discomfort -. nobody came I slowly pushed a finger deep as I could, and she began to weep silently. I knocked on her for several minutes as her juices flowed over my fingers, her moans becoming more intense, and suddenly grabbed my hand and introduced him to her as she arched her back and has orgasms. After a minute he tiava relaxed and leaned back. ” Now what you run,” he said, ” lay back ” I lie back in the grass, my dick in the hot sun rose constructed with Michelle, walked up to me and then slowly , squatted on. I grabbed my cock and held her as she slowly slides her pussy on it. The feeling was fantastic. The vision of this journey of 23 years old, my cock slowly, a rooster that only old enough to be before 23. years have witnessed was unbelievable that I could see my cock covered with her ​​juices, and out of her pussy trimmed, more and more with each image, and I was getting closer, I said. “I ‘m going to run, I need a rubber band,” she just smiled and took my penis sliding up and down, a look of concentration on his face. ” I’m going to run,” he said ” I’m pretty cloyourself, ” smiled, opened one eye and said,” good ” contributed to bounce on my penis for a minute, grabbing my penis vaginal muscles brings me closer to orgasm, I watched her pert tits bouncing seeing in the sun and -. sun his dark skin was not too, and I was put in my eggs ” I am damn,” he tiava said ” you want it inside ” Michelle just smiled and nodded as the? first shot was saved by my sperm deep into her unprotected womb. my cum on over and over again, when he shot down as hard as he could in the queue, to catch every drop. fell on me, my cock still inside of it and stayed there kissing for a few minutes later, he said. ” If you know me, if you’ll leave here, we can do this again,” We made ​​love again in the sun for an hour more, dressed and left. he gave me his phone number and email, so I wanted to go next time he goes to work in the park, going to meet me. s I have 3 have been there and every time I am, and that s haspent tiava a couple of pleasant hours together. Maybe I’ll talk about lately, and if you’re interested, you could say the name of the park!